Trillions of Body Cells Need to be Maintained and Cared for

Our body has about trillions of cells. Each cell is part of the system organs designed to perform vital life functions. The organ system includes the system blood vessels and heart, immunity (immune), digestion, breathing, excretion, urination, musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, and reproductive.
Healthy cells form a strong network. Strong tissue forms an organ the strong one. Strong organs will produce a healthy organ system, then a healthy body is determined by the cell that is healthy. A healthy human cell has the electron pair is good, however free radicals from pollution, light radiation sun, food, and stress can be causing cell damage. Having no partner, moment into the body, radical molecules This freely will search for a partner other electrons by taking it from cells to form reactions chain and produce radicals new free.
This is the process that ultimately can causing damage on the cell. When cell damage occurs, risks arise incidence of degenerative diseases. Moreover, according to basic health research (RISKESDAS) in 2007, the community we are less intake of vegetables and fruits which are obviously rich in antioxidants, tend to consume food high sugar, salt, saturated and fats cholesterol, lack of exercise and also many have a habit smoke. Lifestyle and diet increasing the risk of emergence degenerative disease.
Super Cell, Super Health
Smart Tips to Avoid Illness Degenerative Keeping the cell is always healthy by maintaining health for reduce the risk of disease degenerative. Apply lifestyle and healthy food consumption rich in antioxidants to keep your cells always healthy. Antioxidants, by the way they work which is very unique, delivers donation of electron atoms to free radical compounds are always ready to steal electron atom pairs of healthy cells. Antioxidants can effectively be help prevent the occurrence atherosclerosis (fat accumulation on blood vessel walls). Antioxidants also play a role in preventing negative effects of free radicals attacking DNA and cell RNA and can cause cell mutation and growth of cancer cells. (Shan, 2011).

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