Contains Tomato Skin Extract (Lycopene) + Grape Seed Extract (leucoselect phytosome). Now you can enjoy the various health benefits contained in Tomatoes and grape seeds regularly consume at least 3x 1 capsule a day.


• Contains a combination of two pure natural ingredients: Tomato skin extract (lycopene) & grape seed extract (leucoselect phytosome) that is already on patenting the technology, so it is safe in consumption.
• Using a phospholipid formulation, so its antioxidant content more absorbed by the body.
• The raw materials are already through clinical trials, so it is effective and safe for maintain health

Grape Seed Extract Composition (Leucoselect phytosome) & Lycopene (Tomato).
Packaging 30 Capsules, for 10 days consumption.
Rules Wear 3 times a day, 1 capsule after eat

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