Bee Propolis is a unique natural ingredient derived from bees. The bees release a sap liquid called propolis that works as a protective nest of viruses and bacteria.
Bee propolis itself is a combination of honey and fluid glands others from bees. Doctor since the time of the Greeks, Romans and doctors in Arabia using Bee Propolis as an antiseptic and wound care. Bee propolis is listed as an official drug on London pharmacopoeia since century to 171.

How Bee Propolis works inside your body:
• Bee Propolis has evidence as a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. With these capabilities, Bee Propolis is able to fight disease and can be used for counseling therapy in various diseases caused by bacterial and fungal viruses.
• Bee Propolis is also a strong protector, that’s why bees use it to keep their nests from fungal and bacterial attacks. Today many people use bee propolis as an external treatment to cope with minor burns ad other injuries.
• Bee Propolis is also used to increase a person’s immune from the attack of viral and bacterial diseases.
• Treatment experts in the arab since the Middle Ages used it as an anti-cancer and tumor therapy by preventing the spread of cancer cells (metastasis).
• Protect the liver from the adverse effects of chemotherapy.
• Anti hypertension.
• Lowering blood sugar levels.

• Contains 100% pure propolis bee.
• Having GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices).
• Safe in long-term consumption (consumption according to the rules wear).

Composition of  Bee Propolis Extract in the form liquid. Each bottle contains Bee Extract Propolis 10ml. Packaging 30 ml.
Rules of Use 10-15 drops a day before eat or as directed by doctor

Composition of  Bee Propolis Extract in the form capsule. Each capsule contains Extract Bee Propolis 500 mg.
Packaging 90 capsules, for consumption 22-45 day. Packaging 30 capsules, for consumption 7-15 day.
Rules Use 2-4 capsules a day before eat or as directed by doctor

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