DEGENERATIVE DISEASES: Triggers, Symptoms and Precautions

Many Causes of or Decept from Degenerative Disease, but what is common around us with the current pattern of life include:
1. Food preservative.
2. Air, water and soil pollution.
3. Consumption of Alcohol.
4. Lazy Motion and Sports.
5. Stress.

While common Symptoms commonly occur:
1. Often shaking on body parts such as hands, feet, head, and jaw (especially age 50 years and over).
2. Rigid muscles and joint pain.
3. Mental and behavioral changes such as memory loss, loss of motivation.
4. Energy and productivity decreases.

Prevent By 4 Steps:
1. A healthy diet and lifestyle in the following way:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Fish and meat for protein sources.
  • Consumption Water at least 8 glasses per day.
  • Avoid junk food and fatty foods.

2. Avoid pollution, smoke and alcohol.
3. Physically active / often moving, road or sports).
4. Consumption Antioxidants every day, can reduce your risk of Degenerative Disease.

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