ANTIOXIDANT is the Protector Your Body From Oxidation (Rust) Due to Free Radicals!

Cigarette smoke, vehicle fumes, and contaminated food pesticides are examples of free radical sources from outside the body at risk of damaging the cells in the body and triggering diseases such as cancer and tumors.
Banana when split quickly will change color. This is called the oxidation process. So also with natural processes that occur in body cells human.
When the body uses oxygen, about 1-2 percent of the cells will become damaged and turned into free radicals. Free radicals are the designation for damaged cells that can causing certain negative conditions. To prevent damage, the body needs antioxidants in the right amount.
Antioxidant Consists 2 words:
1. ANTI = Defend
2. OKSIDAN = means oxidation (Rust / damage due to toxic radicals free)
With Antioxidants, the body gets a “blanket” to protect itself the result of free radicals around us. Antioxidants are substances that the body needs to neutralize free radicals and prevent any damage inflicted by free radicals.
Free Radicals
One source of the disease comes from free radicals. Free radicals themselves are molecules which can damage proteins and cells. Free radicals are a type of oxygen which has a high reactive rate
and naturally also in the body humans as a result of biochemical reactions body.
Free Radical Source Which Can Trigger Disease:
1. From within: Metabolism, work excess / fatigue, smoking, chronic stress and alcoholism.
2. From the outside: Air pollution, water, & pollution land, tobacco smoke and vehicles, alcohol evaporation, preservatives and fertilizer, ultraviolet light, x-ray, ozone, medicine chemical in excessive amounts and viruses.
As a result of free radicals
• Lower body resistance (fever / fever)
• Indigestion
• degenerative diseases (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension)
• Neurological disorders
• Alzheimer’s
• Cancer
2 Ways to Reduce Damage Cell
1. Reduce Free Radical Exposure
2. Strengthen the Defense System Antioxidants
Sources Of The Rich Nature Antioxidants
1. Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana pericarpium) The mangosteen peel is known contains antioxidant compounds that is mangostin, mangostinone and garcinone.
2. Goji berry (Lycium barbarum fructus) The original brightly colored fruit from China high in antioxidants.
3. Açai Berry (Euterpe oleracea) Known as superfood because of the content very high antioxidants.
4. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant capable of penetrating into every DNA and precisely protect the membrane cells and mitochondria from damage as well as cell death, protecting each cell so that tissues and organs function more efficiently, the body becomes resistant against “biological corrosion“.

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