Vitamin C-Lipid Metabolites contained inside PUREWAY-C is the latest generation of Vitamin C, so it works better, faster and works longer in the body.

Contains the latest Vitamin C Vitamin C-Lipid Metabolites combined with 25% Citrus Biofl avonoid extract, which is faster absorbed by the body and lasts longer in the body than regular vitamin C, so you get maximum function of vitamin C

• Maintain endurance.
• Improve collagen arrangement.
• Helps the wound healing process.
• Ward off free radicals.
• Helps iron absorption.
• Prevent deficiency of vitamin C (scurvy). Has anti-inflation effect (reducing swelling).
• Improve joint movement.

1. Patients with infectious diseases, such as flu and cough.
2. People who are in recuperation.
3. Active or passive smokers.
4. Pregnant women to help the absorption of iron.
5. Patients with anemia and iron deficiency.

Contains : Vitamin C + Citrus Biofl avonoid Extract 25%
Packaging of 30 film coated caplets for 30 Days consumption
Rules of Use 1 caplet / day after meal

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