MAGOZAI UNIHEALTH – King Of Antioxidant

Magozai comes from the word mangosteen, goji, açai, is a product antioxidants formulated by DR. Theo was, one specialist nutrition and antioxidant specialties of plant extraction Indonesia.
A graduate of Pharmacy University of Indonesia in 1975, and earned his doctorate from the University of Marburg-Germany year 1981. His discovery of MAGOZAI begins with his wish treat his beloved wife.
MAGOZAI has the highest antioxidant content based on an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score test in Brunswick Laboratories United States. The higher the value of an ORAC antioxidants, the better to ward off and hold free radical attack causes various diseases.
The ingredients in MAGOZAI play a role in increasing power resistant and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases such as: heart, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and also cancer.
MAGOZAI works by improving the quality of cells inside body, by regenerating effectively. The result is the body becomes healthy and fit.
MAGOZAI Composition  :Mangosteen, goji berry and açai berry, carrots, cranberries, Root bit (root beet) and red grape.
Rules Use 25-50 ml per day (equivalent to 2-4 slots / cap measure) No need to be diluted with water, should be drunk before breakfast. save in refrigerator.

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