Treatment with Sensation bath The fragrance of Orange and ginger

Take your time to relax and relax rest.
One of them is by bathing in a Spa Session Luxury from Asta-Spa & Body Treatments. The softness of the foam is coupled with the scent oranges and ginger, make your skin progressively hydrated, smooth and soft.
With astaxanthin to tighten the skin, the addition of Aloe vera extract (aloe vera) it making your skin more gentle and shiny.
Vitamin E also synergize as an antioxidant and helps smooth the skin and the formation of collagen tissue on the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
The antioxidant effects found in Astaxanthin, capable of protecting the skin from the bad effects of sunlight and cold air conditioning.
With the most powerful antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients of nature, astaxanthin, combined with aloe vera, vitamins and castor oil, gives the sensation of fragrance, subtlety of your skin real and direct.
Enjoy the best Spa treatment from an expert, an experience that will make your skin feel very soft, smooth and fragrant throughout the day. And for maximum care use Asta-Spa & Body Treatments Set in your daily ritual and lifestyle.

Astaxanthin (Hematococus pluvialis)
Vitamin E

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