The Main Cause of Diabetes Mellitus

In contrast to the type 1 diabetes mellitus of the parents, type 2 diabetes is more a disease of prosperity. Not too dalah if you who call “diabetes is not a curse, but because the behavior of the pattern itself is the pattern of human life is not right”. Consuming excessive fats or certain substances that can cause disturbance in the pancreas that resulted in the disruption of insulin production.

James W Anderson’s research. US dietitian, for example, can change healthy young people with rammping in less than two weeks with a mild diabetic disease by feeding 65% fat. But when these people are fed 5% fat plus 0.5 kg of sugar every day, in eleven weeks none of them suffer from diabetes.

Very many studies have concluded that fat is the main cause of diabetes mellitus. Fat leads to insulin resistance. Sugar is not good for people suffering from diabetes mellitus. However, sugar is not the cause of the disease. It’s just that if most of the sugar that means most calories, will make a person become obese so it will be easier to get diabetes mellitus.

Hereditary factors also play an important role, this is confirmed by the onset of this disease in the family. If the parents or one or both suffer from this diabetes, then most likely their children are more at risk of this disease. There are other factors that can trigger such as viral infections, obesity, dietary errors, the aging process, stress, taking medications that have side effects to raise blood sugar levels and others

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